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Turnkey Rollout

Tower Power has a wealth of experience in delivering complete fibre network rollouts on time and to budget. All or some of the following fibre services can be included as a turnkey rollout:
• Project Management
• Network Design
• Civil Works
• Network Cabling
• FTTx
• Rack & Raceway
• Structured Cabling
• Patch Lead Management

Project Management

 Tower Power recognises the importance of being able to control resources, manage business and project risk effectively. Tower Power ensures all projects are handled successfully. The key features of our management process are:
• Focus on business justification
• Defined organisation structure for the project management team
• Product-based planning approach
• Emphasis on dividing the project into manageable and controllable stages
• Flexibility to be applied at a level appropriate to the project.

Network Design

Tower Power ensures that the most cost effective and technologically sound network is designed and engineered to meet your needs. Our services include:
• Network objective, plan and scope
• Terrain, topology and routing assessment
• Resilient fibre route design
• Terminal equipment
• Detailed survey of fibre routes
• Exhaustive documentation pack
• Detailed works specifications

Civil Works

Tower Power has the capacity and expertise to carry out all types of civil works to enable telecommunications networks installation. Our services include:
• Wayleave and local authority road opening licenses
• Site surveys, documentation, safety & traffic management plans
• Trenching and duct laying
• Chamber construction, demolition, enhancement and repair
• Duct blockage location and repair
• Street furniture installation
• Reinstatement
• Safety and quality assurance

Network Cabling

Tower Power is a leading supplier for fibre network deployment. Taking fibre from the switching centre, PoP or network access point to site, business premises or homes, Tower Power provides the end to end solution to meet your needs. Our services include:
• Network survey, architecture, fibre count & tapering arrangements
• Civil works for ducting, chambers, duct blockages, etc.
• Fibre cabling, underground and overhead
• Fibre splicing and testing
• Fibre optical line terminal equipment, ODFs, patch leads
• End to end commissioning and integration
• Safety and quality assurance

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)

Tower Power has successfully implemented next generation access networks based on FTTC solutions. Tower Power is a leading partner in this arena and offers a full service suite including:
• Cabinet design, evaluation and deployment options
• Streetside cabinet options including stand alone, shell-over, top box
• Site surveys, wayleave & power utility applications
• Fibre and copper cabinet fit out
• Site civil works
• Cabinet installation and commissioning
• Service cutover
• Fibre network installation, splicing and testing
• VDSL equipment installation and commissioning
• Exhaustive documentation packs
• Project planning and management

Fibre to the Home (FTTH)

Partnering with world leading suppliers, Tower Power can effectively meet the increased demand for very high speed broadband based services by deploying fibres directly to residential homes (FTTH). Our services include:
• Network architecture, design and survey including GPON, EPON, Ethernet P2P
• Civil works, street furniture
• Fibre cable deployment, splicing, splitters and testing
• Customer premises fibre drops, in home cabling, optical line terminal equipment
• Switching Centre ODFs, optical line terminal units, patch panels

Fibre to the Node (FTTN)

 3G Networks cell data services are driving bandwidth demands beyond existing microwave transmission capacities in networks, causing operators to migrate their backhaul to fibre based solutions. Our services include:
• Optimum network design
• Feasibility assessment of target FTTN nodes
• Fibre network provider selection
• Radio link network re-design
• Fibre cable connection installation to base station
• Installation of radio feeder links and mux at nodes
• Fibre termination solutions at switching centre
• End to end solution commissioning

Rack & Raceway Installation

Tower Power has a strong reputation for quality work on installation and commissioning of equipment racks, electronic equipment and trunking/raceways in Switching and Data Centre environments for major telecommunications operators and suppliers. Our services include:
• Suite and rack layout design
• Underfloor and overhead trunking/raceway design, supply and installation
• Cabinet installation, fit out and in-cabinet cable/patch lead management
• Supply and install ODF and patch panels for copper UTP and fibre
• Cabling and patch leads supply, installation, testing, labelling and records
• Electronic equipment installation and commissioning
• AC and DC power connection

Structured Cabling

Tower Power supplies, installs and commissions the complete range of structured cabling solutions required by Switching/Data Centres. Obelisk also offers leading edge solutions, such as modular fibre Multi Port Option (MPO/MPT) systems, in a complete one stop shop supplier for all requirements. Our services include:
• Supply full range of UTP and fibre cable, patch leads and patch panels
• Suppliers include ADC Krone, Systimax, HellermanTyton, NGN, Huber Suhner and LS Cable
• All UTP and FTP cable types installation and termination on patch panels
• Fibre cabling/patch leads installation, management, splicing, termination and testing
• Fibre configurations – single/multi mode, SC/LC connectors and MPT system
• Fluke and ODTR testing, OEM manuals and test results presentation

Patch-Lead Management

Tower Power provides industry leading expertise and experience in designing, installing, upgrading and managing fibre patch lead systems to eliminate quality of service problems. Our services inlcude:
• Survey and record creation
• Fibre management system design
• Rack refitting for fibre management
• Replacement or re-routing of patch leads
• Labelling and recording
• Installation of ODFs, cabinets, raceways
• Laser hazard safety precautions
• Ongoing maintenance

Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Installations

Tower Power carries out customer premises installations and switch/co-lo cross connects to enable SDH, Ethernet or CPE services. Our services include:
• Equipment configuration
• CPE installation, structured cabling and power up
• Switching Centre or co-location patching and connection
• SDH & Ethernet circuit end to end testing & diagnostics
• Test reports


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